About Us

Gogata is a product of Gatatransport Limited, We are a fast-growing digital transport company; providing cars, SUV, sienna, bus and other vehicle rental and logistics service in Lagos and other states around Nigeria.

The Gogata app is developed in accordance to the Company’s leverage on technology to ease transportation hassles by creating a single terrain to accommodate all transport and logistics operations.

We have a wide-range of vehicle selection to suit your requirement.

We are also available to re-negotiate your current contract and operations for improved service and better pricing.

Yes, we pride ourselves as the most innovative transport and logistics brand that offer unbeatable customer experience.

Our Mission

To build a world-class Transport and Logistics company.

To make mobility available and accessible to all through a mobile phone.

To build an efficient end to end supply chain logistics and delivery service.

Our Vision

Africa’s Pioneer Transport and Logistics Market place.

What makes us unique

Our Values

Customer-Centric Brand

We are a Customer-Centric brand, that provides an exceptional customer experience and retain new customers through our unique value proposition.


We are Innovative and creative in the technology we use to drive a wide range of products in our industry while creating financial opportunities for young people.


We operate with high level of Integrity, and make sure all our mode of operations are transparent in order to inspire trust and confidence.