Comfortable, Safe and Reliable

At Gatatransport, we love to travel and we love what we do. It’s our passion and energy that separates us from the rest. We strive to deliver convenience and comfort to our customers, offering a consistent, quality-assured, and time-efficient service through 'pocket-friendly' fares, with an unbeatable relaxing travel experience.

Car Rental

Gatatransport offer good selection of affordable vehicles with high technology solution to enable the achievement of a reliable transport service with less hassle.

Corporate Charter

Gatatransport provides excellent transport service to ensure safety and early arrival to work. We also provide long and short-term charter contracts for our corporate clients which include corporations, small-medium enterprises, government agencies and other organizations.

School Bus Charter

We assure school management that our drivers are well-trained for safe pickup and return of every pupil or student.

Bus Service for Religious Centers and Associations

Gatatransport provide a shuttle service to aid religious groups achieve a successful convention programs, rallies, road shows amongst others.

Shuttle Service

Gatatransport provide shuttle services to industrial parks, beaches, shopping malls and less accessible routes in Lagos with a planned route for smooth and convenient journey.

Wedding Charter

Looking to get your guests to your wedding venue? Gatatransport cater a coach for you and your guests to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey around church, reception and back home.

Errands and Dispatch

Looking to get your official documents delivered without much ado, or need your little errands attended to, Gatatransport provide well-articulated and trained drivers to run your errands and do quick pickups for you.

Heavy-duty and Earth-moving Machinery

At Gatatransport, we provide heavy-duty and earth-moving machinery used for small, medium and large projects. We provide equipment used for the following functions; Agriculture, Construction, Scaffolding, and Mining.

Hotel Charter

Gatatransport run a reliable hotel shuttle service to aid individuals and corporate bodies round hotel vicinity and town.

State Travels

For travels within and outside Lagos, Gatatransport provide a dependable transport system to enable smooth conveyance to and from your destination.

Company Fleet Management Operation

Gatatransport provide company fleet management operation to organizations who entrust their fleet under our care, for maintenance, repairs, fueling and also make available stop gaps for users.

Gata Fleet and Operating Lease Service

We provide quality fleet and operating service which includes driver allocation, vehicle maintenance and fueling to satisfy client’s need.

Chauffeur (Driver) Management

Gatatransport outsource professional drivers with admirable driving experience to individuals and organizations in need.

Dedicated Delivery Bikes for Companies

For dispatch and logistics, Gatatransport provide dedicated riders and bikes to offer quick delivery services for companies, SMEs and Ecommerce shops.

FMCG Logistics

At Gatatransport, we help FMCG companies manage their local supply chains and distribution of goods to meet the high demand that is essential to their growth.

Automobile Procurement and Logistics

Gatatransport offers vehicle procurement services, parts replacement and logistics solutions to meet client demand, through contract negotiation, price agreements and direct purchase.