1. Cancellation policy

The client may cancel his/her car-hire before embarking on a trip. The client will only lose 20% of his/her deposit charge at this stage, If the client cancels after having embarked on the trip, he/she will lose 50% of the total rental due. A replacement vehicle is made available in cases of complaints.

2. Charge

Any transit outside the initial city of rental shall incur additional charges. A client is expected to notify the company of the extent of his/her transit before hire.

3. Contraventions

In a case where a client is self-driven, and defaults any traffic/government laws and/or when driven by a contract driver, forces/cajoles the driver to commit such, he/she is liable of settling all financial and legal cost that arises. Administration charges apply.

4. Delay in returning vehicles

There will be a charge of N1,000 (One Thousand Naira Only) for every 1hr delay in return of the car at the agreed time.

5. Mechanical damage

There will be an excess charge if mechanical faults and/ or incidents occur due to the negligence of the client.

6. Insurance damage coverage

Unless car accidents/damages are reported to the hire company along with a copy of the clients driving license and, in some cases, a police report, the insurance coverage is considered null, and the client will be liable to pay for all the damages and loss arising from the misuse of the car. NB: The vehicle must not leave the accident scene until the hire company verifies.

7. Missing item

The client will be held responsible for any damages occurring to the car should personal belongings be stolen from the car.

8. Location

The vehicle can only be used in Nigeria.

9. Vehicle breakdown

Calling out for assistance on vehicle breakdown arising from negligence on part of the clients will carry a charge

10. Drivers

Only approved drivers named on the car hire contract are insured to drive the vehicle. The client will be responsible for damages arising from unauthorized drivers.

11. Tyre repair

The company/vehicle owner will replace any punctured tyre. The client will fix the puncture, should help be requested to fix the puncture, a charge will apply.

12. Fueling and oil

If a wrong type of fuel or vehicle oil, is put in the car and it ends up damaging the car, the client will be responsible to pay for damages to repair the car as well as the loss of use of the vehicle time whilst being repaired.

13. Our fuel policy

Our car will come with a little amount of fuel, the client is however expected to fuel the car, except where there is an agreement with us to fuel and it will be stated otherwise.

14. VAT

All charges are VAT inclusive (Non-refundable).

15. Client requirements

Valid driver’s license, valid means of identification, contact address (email, phone, home address), and a guarantor.


  1. General
  2. All vehicle partners must meet the standard requirements as approved by Gatatransport Limited made available on her website and application. Before a vehicle shall be considered for sign up, there are a few basic requirements your vehicle must meet to be eligible.

    • A partner is to ensure his vehicle is very accessible and would be made available on notice for a hire, the notice period is at least within one (1) day before the pick up date.
    • A certain percentage of the profit will be paid to the partner pending the completion of the transaction (i.e. vehicle performance and mechanical issues that may arise) before final payment.
    • The car owner reserves the right to provide a driver for his/her car and/or request for a driver from the company where he doesn’t want the car to be strictly at the client’s mercy, but will only be notified when there’s a client who needs an attached driver.
    • Gatatransport deducts a 25% commission off the initial profit, if they provide a driver for you.
    • Once a vehicle is in use, the partner cannot cancel a trip except on special occasions as determined by the discretion of Gatatransport, and such shall only be considered when there’s a two (2) weeks’ notice prior to the termination date. Gatatransport reserves the right to decline or approve.
    • The commission for a hire within a city shall naturally be lower than that of a hire for outside a city, hence, the destination shall determine the commission.
    • Gatatransport takes 35% profit off the initial cost of hire, after VAT while the client gets 65%.
  3. Insurance
  4. Gatatransport has in line with our “modus operandi”, provided a comprehensive insurance policy with specific insurance partners, at a fair rate. These policies cover every eventuality including but not restricted to RIOT and FLOOD.

    • This insurance is not compulsory but is available as the most efficient insurance for the hire for partners willing to subscribe to it.
    • If a partner already has an insurance for his/her car, they are free to sign up with it
    • If a partner prefers other vendors other than those provided by Gatatransport, he/she reserves the right to use same for sign up.
    • Vehicle insurance is a mandatory prerequisite and Gatatransport Ltd reserves the right to decline a sign up in absence of a valid insurance document.
    • In cases where the partner already has an insurance and or prefers other vendors other than those provided by Gatatransport Ltd, he/she shall be responsible and liable for bearing every risk arising from the hire of the vehicle where insurance is applicable.
  5. Tracker
    • Vehicle tracker is a mandatory prerequisite and Gatatransport Ltd reserves the right to decline a sign up in absence of proper tracking or telematic device.
    • Gatatransport ltd will provide a tracker for the car of a partner who is willing to track his car for a fixed price.
  6. Maintenance
    • The partner is responsible for maintaining his/her vehicle
    • Gatatransport shall only step in on advisory where there is a major maintenance issue arising from the negligence of the driver and or client.
    • Gatatransport will not be held responsible for addressing mechanical issues which our comprehensive insurance is ordinarily meant to cover.
    • Vehicle inspection shall be conducted by personnel designated by Gatatransport Ltd to determine if vehicle is up to standard for a hire.